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In Alicante harbour arrived the Galleon Museum

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In the port of Alicante docked ship – a replica of the Galleon "Andalucia", which made the trading traffic between Spain and America a few centuries ago. The ship belongs to the Fundación Nao Victoria Foundation and serves as a floating Maritime Museum of Spanish culture, traveling around the world. Residents of the Costa Blanca and her guests can visit the "Andalusia" in the period from 17 to 28 January. A visit to Alicante is the final stage of the next cruise ship-Museum, which began several months ago with a visit to several cities in the United States of America. Galeon overcame more than 55 thousand miles, izborsky Atlantic, Indian, Pacific oceans, Caribbean and Mediterranean seas, visiting over 70 cities – Chicago, Boston, new York, Miami, Philadelphia, Toronto and others. "Andalusia" – a 55-metre-long ship that mimic the structural lines of the Spanish Galleons of the XVI century. Draught of ship – 3.4 meters. On the main deck installed, the bowsprit and three main masts, seven sails. The crew of "Andalusia" consists of 32 people headed by the captain – Professor navigation Antonio Gonzalo de La Cruz. Despite the fact that the ship copies ship of the XVI century, it was filled present and technology of century XXI, designed primarily to ensure the safety of travel. Days floating Museum: from 17 to 28 January Venue: pier 10 (Volvo Ocean Race) — the Port of Alicante working hours: 10.00 – 19.00 Tickets: adults € 6, children (5-10 years old) – € 3 News taken from the site costablancaclub. com