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Real estate management in Spain

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услуги по управлению недвижимостью в Испании

Property management

The acquisition of real estate in Spain: apartments, cottages or villas on the beachfront for year round or seasonal living, long-term or short-term renting is a complicated process that requires skills and professionalism. Real estate Agency Flatica can arrange permanent housing services and property management.

Signing the contract with the company Flatica to provide real estate management services, You get:

  • Manager object, responsible for storing the keys, the resolution of all administrative and domestic issues, including utilities and taxes;
  • the wait staff (Flatica will provide gardener, housekeeper and other staff, to keep order and to maintain cleanliness, to check the operation of household appliances, electrical equipment, plumbing, water systems and heating);
  • repair (at customer's request, our Agency will carry out repairs of any complexity).

The Agency Flatica specializiruetsya on management of rental apartments and houses in Spain ensures the safety of property in the absence of the owner, will ensure a regular flow of payment and administrative matters. Service is relevant for owners of any type of housing, including villas, cottages and townhouses.

That includes the service management object from Flatica?

Professional real estate management in Spain – the ability to provide valuable work for Your property, to avoid problems with payment of taxes and public services, the delivery of the Declaration on the income. We guarantee the safety of Your property.

Real estate company Flatica provides the following services upon delivery of Your rental accommodation:

  • professional photography of the object;
  • the registration of the license for tourist (short-term/medium-term) rent;
  • the placement of the announcement of the surrender of the tenancy on the world's major portals for rent;
  • communication with tenants;
  • meeting and settling tenants;
  • ensuring receipts of payments and accounting (rent, utilities, taxes);
  • the conclusion of the contract with the insurance company;
  • conflict resolution;
  • preparation of the housing to pass;
  • provision of cleaning services;
  • minor repairs, in coordination with the property owner.

As a result of conclusion of the contract between the company Flatica and the owner of the property, the owner of the property passes the object by the act of transfer and acceptance, and we do everything to make customers enjoy a stable income.