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Russian will make from Marbella new Marbella

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Alicante is experiencing a construction boom. The province ranks third in Spain in number of transactions of purchase and sale of real estate, conceding on this indicator only Barcelona and Madrid. Alicante is traditionally attracts the attention of foreign investors, primarily German and British. At the same time, according to the Association of real estate agents Alicante, in the last two years, the region acquired the property, the representatives of 125 different nationalities. According to La Información, among them are citizens of Russia, of which the Costa Blanca attracted by the climate, as well as gaining momentum for the market of elite housing. According to experts, about 35% of residential properties in Alicante last year was purchased by the Russians. It is noted that the region is attractive because it offers the same conditions as in Marbella, but at a more affordable price. Luxury housing, which is of interest to Russian in the first place, in Alicante can be purchased much cheaper than in Marbella. Alicante is also more popular among young people, the average age of the local audience does not exceed 35 years. According to experts, the region is adapting to these changes, and many institutions offer information in Russian, and also employ Russian-speaking personnel. The growth of real estate sales in Alicante are observed for the fifth consecutive year. Even at the peak of the crisis in 2012 on the background of the General decline in the property market, which in the country was 13% in Alicante was recorded a slight increase of 0.19 percent. Housing prices in the province are rising annually by 10%. According to experts, investors from Russia prefer to buy property in the coastal areas of Marina Alta (Denia, jávea, Altea, Moraira and Denia). In this part of Alicante in 2017 were recorded 30 percent growth in the number of transactions. Popular accommodation with sea views, is also among the preferences of the Russians is distinguished by its modern design, furnished common areas, including swimming pools and playgrounds, open kitchen living room and 4 bedrooms.