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Company registration in Spain

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услуги по регистрации компании в Испании

Company registration

Foreign nationals with a tourist visa are entitled to the following types registration of company in Spain joint – stock companies and limited liability companies.

Conditions for registration Sociedad Anonima (S. A.) joint – stock company (JSC) following:

  • Authorized capital - not less than 60 000€. To register for a Bank account must be paid 15 000€ - ¼ of the minimum contribution. The value of fixed assets presented in property equivalent you must confirm with the help of independent expertise.
  • The number of shareholders is not limited.
  • Sociedad Anonima may issue shares (registered, bearer, voting and non-voting).
  • Investors can sell or transfer the ownership of the shares.
  • The management entity may assume a single shareholder or two or more, forming the Board of Directors.

Sociedad de Responsibilidad Limitada (S. L.) the limited liability company (LLC) can register as follows:

  • The size of the Charter Fund of 3000€ (must be fully deposited into a Bank account).
  • The number of participants is not limited.
  • Shareholders are not entitled to issue securities to sell or transfer the right of possession.
  • An enterprise may be operated by a single shareholder or two or more – gathering the Board of Directors.

A visa with the right to work, allows foreigners to open a business in the form of individual entrepreneurship-autonomo.

How to open a business in Spain?

The process of business registration for residents and non-residents are the same and will take about 2 weeks to a month. The only difference, foreign nationals, regardless of visa, availability of a residence permit or a permanent residence, you must apply for an NIE number – identification code of the taxpayer. In order to register a business in Spain you need the following:

  • To make NIE in week the Consulate of the Kingdom of Spain in Your country or by contacting the Commissariat (police) in Spain.
  • To sign a contract with a resident of the country to work in the company as business Manager (administrator). A foreign citizen has no right to work and hold a post or position in the firm with a tourist visa.
  • You should choose 5 of the suggested names of the company and submit for review by the Registro Mercantil, to check for uniqueness, which will take about 2 weeks.
  • To make the necessary amount of the statutory Fund to an account in a Spanish Bank.
  • To open a company in Spain can be in the presence of the Memorandum and articles of Association. You should prepare all the documentation and determine the main provisions: the procedure for the transfer of shares of the company, structure and official rights and duties of the management bodies and the procedure of conducting accounting and tax reporting, procedure of reorganization and liquidation of the company.
  • Assessor (lawyer) is obliged to send the bylaws to the chamber of Commerce to register in the state register, tax authorities and obtain a tax number (CIF).

Services company registration in Spain – real estate Agency Flatica

Real estate Agency Flatica assists in registration of companies in Spain «turn key.» Our services include:

  • advice on all issues of creating and doing business on the territory of the Spanish Kingdom;
  • legal support at all stages of the procedure;
  • documentation, assistance in the drafting of statutory regulations and the establishment of a constituent agreement.

Real estate company Flatica – warranty registration of Your business in the short term in compliance with the legislation of Spain.