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Mortgages in Spain

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услуги по оформлению ипотеки в Испании

Mortgages in Spain

In Spain the most developed system of real estate lending, which allows you to get a loan to residents and nonresidents. The main condition – to confirm the solvency. Mortgage in Spain for the Russians great opportunity at low interest rate to purchase a house with a sea view.

How to get a mortgage in Spain?

The Bank offers loans secured by the acquired property for a period of 10-30 years in 60-80% of the cost of housing. In accordance with the law, the age of the borrower should not exceed 65 years at the time of loan repayment. The interest rate is fixed and floating. Fixed rate – an average of 3-5% of annual contributions is set by the Bank and cannot be changed during the term of the credit agreement. Floating rate changes once a year and depends on the level of interbank EURIBOR rate. Another option is a mixed interest rate – a fixed percentage is valid for the first year, in subsequent years and until maturity, the rate changes to a floating rate. In accordance with the law, can obtain a loan only if Your monthly income is 3 times higher than the costs of the loan and interest charged at the rate. How to get a mortgage in Spain? To receive credit, you must prepare the following documents:

  • passport with valid visa page (+copy);
  • the identification code of taxpayer (NIE);
  • certificate of employment (position, seniority, salary level, you can specify the specifics of the company);
  • private entrepreneurs must obtain an extract from the Unified register of legal entities;
  • extract from Russian accounts over the past year (including the movement of funds within the last six months);
  • certificate (Declaration) on income for the last 2 years (for the Russians form 2-NDFL);
  • certificate of Spanish accounts;
  • certificate of ownership (subject to availability real estate);
  • statement credit history;
  • the original (copy) of the preliminary contract of purchase and sale or an agreement of intent;
  • help on additional sources of income (deposits, dividends, commercial real estate);
  • examination of real estate (it is preferable to arrange the services of a licensed company).

The lack of evaluation of the housing will not allow you to mortgage in Spain. All documents must be translated into Spanish and notarized. If property owners, each owner is obliged to submit the documents in full. The contract for the mortgage certified by the public notary and entered in the state register of ownership.

Mortgage lending services from a real estate agent Flatica

For credit for housing in Kingdom of Spanish should consult a qualified realtor. The company Flatica provides a wide range of services in matters of acquisition of property and obtaining credit in Spain. We will help you to choose a Bank, mortgage program with favorable terms and low interest rates, will undertake registration of all documents.

Real estate company Flatica, in the face of our experts will provide full assistance in the selection of the property, legal issues, legislation associated with obtaining a loan and will make every effort and practical experience to process mortgages at a Bank in Spain.

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