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NIE or foreign identification number

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оформление идентификационного номера иностранца NIE

For living in Spain, doing business, studying or other professional or social activities, to all foreign citizens-nonresidents of the Spanish Kingdom you must have a Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero. What is an NIE number in Spain ? NIE - identification number of a foreign citizen is required for each nonresident of the state to perform financial activities, which is taxed:

  • bank account opening;
  • registration of entrepreneurial activities, business, company;
  • employment opportunity;
  • real estate transactions (purchase/sale, rent, utility payments).

Foreigner identification number and the taxpayer is issued once and expire.

In some cases, the identifier is assigned to non-residents of Spain in:

  • a student visa, the validity of which exceeds 180 days;
  • the issue of residence permit (permit).

NIE number which is necessary to determine (identify) the alien during most of monetary transactions and filing receipts in all the Spanish state courts.

How to obtain a NIE

For registration of ID code should be referred to the Commissioner of police in Spain, or to apply for the number assignment in the Consulate of Spain in Your country.To NIE independently, or through the official Trustee (representative).

For obtaining the code required to provide these government agencies in Spain following documents:

  • the application for obtaining the NIE form EX-15;
  • original passport + copy of all pages (in the absence of agreement between the two countries on visa-free entry, be sure to have a valid visa);
  • receipt of payment of state duty in the amount of 9.45€;
  • 2 photos (3,5 x 4,5);
  • power of attorney (if the code executes, the representative of real estate company);
  • in rare cases, the required basis for obtaining the NIE (for example, booking your hotel, plane tickets, the intention to buy a property).

In accordance with Spanish law, the registration number of the taxpayer within 5 days, but in most cases, the process of obtaining the identifier lasts 5-10 days.

Initial issue of a code of a taxpayer occurs on paper, format A-4. Term of validity – 3 months (90 days from the date of receipt). For the extension, you should re-contact the Consulate or the Spanish police. For individuals who receive a residence permit, the room is applied on the card of a resident of Spain and is valid indefinitely.

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