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85 000 ID: I6


Area, m²
Year built
Type of house
Secondary housing
To the sea
1.0 km
To airport
12.0 km


The idea of this business project is the purchase of office space in the city center, change of appointment to "residential", remodeling as a result of which we get a 2 bedroom apartment , with one bathroom, kitchen and living room. As this object has access to the interior terrace (patio). Then get a tourist license enabling the delivery of the object in the travel (short-term) lease. We remind you that the new law became operational in August 2018, the issuance of tourism license in the province of Valencia is very limited. A rough estimate of the investment is: purchase of 85000+tax and registration 9000+ expenses of the architect on the change of purpose to residential 3000 + remodeling, renovation and equipping of 20,000= € 117,000 was. Note that the cost of similar apartments in this place varies in the region of 130,000 Euro. Estimated revenues: the average annual cost of renting such a facility in this location is 80 euros per day. Based on the statistics of the number of surrendered days in the year 270. Thus, we obtain an average annual income of $ 21500 euros. Subtract the percentage the management company of 20%(+VAT), electricity, water, Internet, communidad, the annual real estate tax and insurance-about 8,000 euros. 21500-8000=13500 is the income before tax. Subtract the 24% income tax and get 10000. This is the approximate annual income of the investor "net". In relation to the invested funds this represents 8.5 % per annum. Our company will provide a full range of services-from support in the purchase, redevelopment, obtaining the necessary permits, repair and equipment, to obtain a tourist license, professional photography and far rental, meetings , guests, communication, cleaning and addressing all the issues during operation.


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