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Real estate investment In Spain

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услуги по инвестированию в недвижимость в Испании

Estate investment

Estate investment on the territory of the Spanish Kingdom bring a steady annual income, a level which increased significantly on the background of tourist activity and the exit of Spain from the crisis.

The yield from real estate investment due to two main factors:

  • term rental. The yield from year-round rental housing is 6-8%;
  • short term rental. The yield is 6-10 %.

And profit from growth of cost per square meter. For the last 2 years it was 5% -8% per annum.

Profitability depends on correctly selected and properly sized location of the object at a cost.

Among the regions most attractive for financial investments consider the coastal area of the Costa Blanca, as in recent years the value of real estate was greatly undervalued. In addition, negative developments in other areas of the world, and Spain was given an additional influx of investors and tourists to the region. At this point, the region of Alicante is the third highest number of real estate transactions, and the airport is the fourth tourist flows in Spain.

The benefits of investment in property in Spain

Why invest in Spanish property?

  • still low prices for items compared to other European tourist countries;
  • the minimum levels of taxation – 0,5 – 2%;
  • the opportunity to obtain a residence permit;
  • high tourist activity – the constant demand for housing;
  • low interest rates on loans to purchase real estate.
  • security ownership of Spanish government.

Investment in residential and non-residential objects on the territory of Spain – a stable passive income and liquid asset, which will bring You an average of 8-10% per year.

Investment "turnkey" in Spain from Flatica

Real estate company Flatica provides services and assistance in the purchase of residential and non-residential property in Spain. The office is located in Alicante, and our staff is well versed in the intricacies of the local market and the Spanish legislation.

The Agency Flatica offers investment "turnkey" in Spain - we take care of everything: from searching and individual selection of apartments, houses and villas in accordance with the requirements of the customer, to the paperwork and repair. We offer customers to use the services of real estate management.

To discuss investment options, get advice and to pick up objects can contact managers by phone listed on the company website.

What services does Flatica within estate investment?

  • advice on investing, lending, buying/selling properties in Spain;
  • the selection of plots, villas, houses, apartments, villas and townhouses;
  • preparation of documentation for transactions of purchase/sale/lease (drafting of the contract at the notary, the registration of the deed, entering information into the state register);
  • assistance in obtaining a taxpayer identification number (required for all financial transactions).

What is the advantage of cooperation with real estate Agency Flatica? We are the only company in the region of Alicante, offering the investors to enter into with the company Flatica the contract for return of investment with a guaranteed annual income. Agency Flatica work without intermediaries directly with the many developers in the region of the Costa Blanca and offers direct prices, without markups and commissions.