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Foreigners during the year was invested more than 30 billion euros in real estate in Spain

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In 2017, the foreigners have invested 31.1 billion euros in the Spanish real estate sector, thus making it a leader in terms of investment from abroad. According to the Ministry of economy of Spain, last year foreign investment in Spanish property increased by 0.7% compared with the year 2016. Besides last year's result by 25.6% more than the average for the last five years and is the highest since 2008. At the same time, the volume of net investment was reduced by 12.3% and amounted to 24.5 billion euros. On the real estate sector accounts for 13.2% of the total investment, or 3.1 billion euros. Followed by the energy sector, which was invested to 2.44 billion euros (10.3 per cent). More than a billion euros of investment received the sectors of financial services, telecommunications, wholesale trade, manufacturing, mineral products, construction and design. The rapid growth of 400% was demonstrated by the sector of consulting services. Most of the investment in Spain received last year from Monaco – almost 5 billion euros, or 21% of the total investment. The three leaders also Germany and the UK, each of which accounts for about 3 billion euros. The U.S., of which received 2.55 billion euros, down from first place in 2016 on the fourth position. A significant proportion of the investments are in France (2.3 billion), the Netherlands (2 billion), Switzerland (1.3 billion). Among the Spanish Autonomous regions the most popular among foreign investors became Madrid. In 2017, the foreigners have invested in the region more than 14.5 billion euros, higher than 60%. For comparison: in 2016, the investment volume in the Madrid community was 11.6 billion. Catalonia, in turn, lost nearly 40% of the investment that is associated with the tense political situation. The volume of investments last year fell to 3.1 billion euros (13%). In third place in terms of investment in Spain is Basque Country (2.6 billion euros), followed by the Valencian community (1.16 billion). The lowest interest of foreign investors show to Rioja, Extremadura, Cantabria, Ceuta and Melilla, in each of which the volume of investments did not exceed 30 million euros.