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The number of new mortgage loans in Spain increased by 12.4%

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According to the National statistics Institute (INE), in September in Spain there were 29 388 new mortgage loans, which is 12.4% more than in the same period last year. In total for the first nine months of the year was issued about 240,000 loans to buy housing. In addition, significantly increased and the average loan size, which amounted to about 123 649 euros. This is the highest figure since the beginning of 2009, resulting from growth in housing prices and greater willingness of banks to make loans. As for interest rates on mortgage loans with fixed interest rate, each time becoming more and more popular among customers. Only in September for similar scheme was issued to 36.6% of total loans, and this figure was extremely close to the maximum historical record. The share of loans at floating rates amounted to 63.4%, respectively. Overall average rate for mortgage loans was 2.83 per cent, thereby interrupting the chain of the four minimal historical values of preceding periods. However, while it remains at the level below the psychological milestone of 3%. Among the regions the largest number of loans provided for house purchase was Madrid with a score of 660 with 5 operations. It is followed by Andalusia (5 542), Catalonia (4 989) and Valencia (3 401). In the opposite end of the list were Asturias (467), Extremadura (418), Navarra (418), Cantabria (293) and Rioja (135). Madrid, in turn, also took first place on the total issued capital with the figure of 970 million euros. The three leaders also included Catalonia (704 million) and Andalusia (618 million).