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Alicantina assessed the situation of their homes at a modest rate

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How much is the "domestic content" of the property owned by the residents of Alicante? How did you find the correspondent of the newspaper Información, studied data provided by the insurance company Unespa, the population of Alicante lives modestly, or at least not very highly valued valuables. Under contracts of insurance of housing, the average cost of property in the apartment, located in the capital of the Costa Blanca (furniture, electrical appliances, decorative items, etc.) 21.890 euros. It is 576 Euro less than the average for the country and for the Euro 7.310 lower cost housing situation in the province of Biscay (Basque Country), where people evaluate their belongings much more expensive. The subsequent places in the list of most expensive provinces is, after Biscay, Gipuzkoa, álava and Navarra. The residents of Burgos, Avila and Santa Cruz de Tenerife insure the housing estate on the smallest Kingdom in the amount of just over 19,000 Euro. Naturally, the average alimenticia "21.890 €" do not mean that in all municipalities of the "filling" of housing is the same. Above all, I appreciate your good residents of the municipalities of Pedreguer (here the average value of insurance policies – 30.147 €), Benissa (30.328 €) and Teulada (29.901 €).