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2017 was the best year for Spanish tourism

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In 2017, Spain managed to beat its own record for number of tourist visits. The country was visited by 81,4 million foreigners, about 6.2 million (8.6 per cent) more than in the previous year. In addition, according to the National Institute of statistics, in 2017 the expenditure of foreign tourists in Spain grew by 12.2% and made up 86.8 billion euros. This figure is 3% higher than was previously provided by the Ministry of energy, tourism and information technology. In December last year, Spain was visited by 4 million tourists from abroad, which is 8.6% more compared with the year 2016. On average foreign tourists spent in Spain from 4 to 7 days. The number of visits lasting longer than 15 nights, has increased by almost 8%, while visits longer than a week was more than 15.8%. Most tourists come to Spain from the United Kingdom (19 million), Germany (11.7 million) and France (11.2 million). The number of Russians who visited Spain in 2017, increased by 14% to 1.14 million people. The most popular tourist destination in the country was Catalonia, which was visited by 19 million people, which is 5% higher than a year earlier. Followed by Canary Islands (14.2 million) and the Balearic Islands (13.8 million).